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The Alberta Reptile and Amphibian Society was incorporated under the Societies Act by a group of reptile and amphibian enthusiasts to help educate, promote proper husbandry and promote conservation in Alberta, Canada and around the world.

Our Objectives of the Society:

To promote the awareness of reptiles and amphibians

To promote conservation education

To provide information to new reptile and amphibian keepers about care, proper husbandry and anything else you need

Our goal is to promote education, conservation and responsible pet ownership of these fascinating but specialized creatures.

We can’t stress enough on how important it is to do your research before purchasing a new pet.

Upcoming Meetings

Contact us to learn when the next online meeting is happening

Check out our newly updated website.

Care sheets will be coming soon under the Resources tab

We are currently working on a Emergency Preparedness Plan in conjunction with veterinarians and Emergency Responders. We are aiming to have kits available end of summer/early fall.