TARAS supports the following organizations for their contributions to the reptile hobby and conservation efforts.

Canherp is an association of reptile and amphibian keepers, working together to preserve, foster, and grow the reptile and amphibian hobby in Canada as specialty pet enthusiasts. While doing so focusing on maintaining the privilege to work, keep, educate with and breed these fascinating creatures in Canada. For more information about Canherp, click here

The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada is the voice of the Canadian pet industry. As a not for profit, member based organization, PIJAC Canada advocates on behalf of the Canadian pet industry, while acting as a credible source of information and education for pet related businesses.

For more information about Pijac, click here.

The Alberta Amphibian and Reptile Conservancy was formed in the spring of 2013 as a result of the Alberta Reptile Enthusiasts Meeting. An avenue for like-minded individuals to protect the native habitat of reptiles and amphibians in Alberta was deemed necessary.

AARC is an affiliate club with Nature Alberta. This gives our membership access to Nature Alberta’s e-magazine, store discounts and access to liability insurance for the society. For more information about A.A.R.C., click here

The Veterans Food Bank of Calgary is a service provided by CALGARY VETERANS SERVICES SOCIETY, founded in August 2018, to serve food security and other resource needs of veterans from Calgary and surrounding area.

The Veterans Food Bank of Calgary supports veterans who’ve served in all branches of the Canadian Armed Forces, Reserves and first responders. All are eligible for assistance through these programs. For more information about F.B.C, click here.