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Reptile First Aide Kit

Submission By:  Canadian Herpetculture Podcast.

reptile first aid kit

At Home Reptile Kit

In case of emergencies, the following items have proven useful. With an emergency reptile kit you can be better prepared for burns, injuries, power outages, malnourishment, dehydration, glue traps, and more.

• Betadine
• Polysporin (without pain relief)
• Silver sulfadiazine cream
• Chlorahexidine
• Virkon
• Saline
• Hydrogen peroxide
• Hand sanitizer
• Liquid bandaid
• Unflavoured electrolytes
• Rescuecal+
• Critical Care Carnivore/Herbivore
• Kitchen scale
• Gauze
• Vetrap
• Syringes
• Popsicle sticks/Tongue depressors
• Tweezers
• Reptile safe heat packs
• Goo gone/cooking oil (to remove from glue traps, tape, etc)
• Rubber gloves
• Cornstarch
• Sugar

*These items are for emergency use and do not replace a visit to the vet for a proper diagnosis and treatment*