How do I(we) become members of TARAS?

To become a member of TARAS click here. It’s just that easy.

How do I become a Board Member?

To be a Board member, simply pay your membership dues and attend our Board meetings as a guest so you can see what we do at our meetings. We are very detailed on what we discuss so we make the best decisions for our Society.

How can I be a vendor at the Expo's?

There is an application and registration form that you need to fill out. Click here for the application form and here for the vendor form

How can I volunteer with TARAS?

Volunteering is a easy as clinking here.

How can my business participate in the Member to Member Perk Program?

In order to participate in the Member to Member Perk Program, you must be a paid or lifetime Business Member. This is a new program as of 2022. More details and registration form can be found here.

Does TARAS have a surrender option for people who need to find homes for their pets?

Unfortunately, at this time, TARAS doesn’t offer a surrender program for people looking to rehome their pets. We suggest contacting the Calgary Humane Society or a Humane Society in your area.

Does TARAS take donations of pet supplies?

Unfortunately, at this time, TARAS doesn’t have the storage space to accept pet supplies.