President – Brandon Millichamp


Pictured left – Our Tegu that passed away of old age and is now used for educational purposes.

Vice President – Garth Paynter

Pictured left – Female Creamsicle  Corn Snake after shedding

Treasurer – Andrea Hersom

Secretary – Meghan Beach

Director At Large – Lucas Neter

Pictured left – Ranitomeya summersi ‘Sauce’ (Dart Frog)

Director At Large – Melissa McHaffie

Pictured left – Crested Gecko

Director at Large – Dana Gerrard

Are you a reptile owner who has 10 – 20 hours in a year that you could volunteer to help TARAS succeed? Do you have ideas that you could bring to the table on how to further our organization?

Our Board is diverse on what industry of the reptile hobby they are in. From new to the hobby to 15+ years experience.  Each person brings unique ideas that provide education, proper husbandry information for specific species and promote conservation.

Do you have these unique qualities?

Come be a part of the TARAS Board and share your ideas and be a part of a group of like minded individuals and help our organization succeed.